HTK Radio 008: How To Make Fitness Fun Again with Danielle Natoni

Harder to Kill Radio 008 - Danielle Natoni |

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“You’re not going to get anywhere by being complacent.”

Words of wisdom from my guest this week, Danielle Natoni. She’s proving that failing to settle combined with passion for what you do is a winning combination.

If she looks familiar, it’s because Danielle is a fitness phenom, INSANITY workout video cast member, and internationally renowned speaker who’s appeared in countless INSANITY vids alongside trainer Shaun T.

But, she wasn’t always out there motivating people to get sweaty while having a blast doing it.

Danielle made a second-career leap three years ago from fifth grade math teacher to full-time fitness professional. I know her story of overcoming fear to make the jump, and her practical tips for getting a family to eat healthier and make time for exercise despite a hectic schedule will leave you feeling inspired! I know I was!

In This Episode of HTK Radio, You’ll Learn:

  • How Danielle knew she was destined for a different career & how she made the switch.
  • How to get over the fear of “what if.”
  • Her rock-solid tips for tackling your to-do list.
  • How she’s built a strong relationship with her husband despite working together.
  • What a typical day in the life of an Insanity star looks like.
  • Her best advice for getting your family on board with healthy eating.
  • The most important ingredient in building unbreakable humans.

Links and Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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I’ll see you again soon for Episode 9 with a very special guest who’s going to help you unleash your inner creative badass in 28 days. He’s the one who really taught me about podcasting, and he’s saved my tush more times than I can ever repay him for. Be sure to tune in!

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Harder to Kill Radio 008 - Danielle Natoni |

Harder to Kill Radio 008 - Danielle Natoni |

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